Here are my recommendations on how to get the most out of this webinar experience.

  1. Watch this webinar closely! Feel free to take copious notes. (The new “pause” feature should help with this!)
  2. Use my new handout (attached) as a resource.
  3. Try implementing new ideas into your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Have personalized coaching session with me to review and hone in on particular details. Implement more new techniques!
  5. Check out Part 2 of my LinkedIn webinar program and continue your LinkedIn journey!


(DISCLAIMER: Please feel free to re-watch this webinar as needed, and share about this experience with your network. Please direct your referrals to the link for purchase ( , and not “share” the webinar itself. I value your help in protecting my intellectual investment in these webinars, as I put extensive research time into each one of them. Your assistance and continued referrals will also help me keep these products and resources reasonably priced! Thank you!)

I look forward to your feedback and to speaking to you soon!

Thank you!

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